The Wise Feeder

The Wise Feeder is a revolutionary feeder for poultry and game bird keepers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their feeding regime.

The feeder comes in two versions:

  • 5kg capacity wise feeder can only be cage mounted
  • 10kg capacity wise feeder can be cage mounted or screwed to a vertical surface. 

Designed to fit on almost any surface including cages, sheds, walls, trees and posts.

Clever design

The thoughtful design means that it is possible to provide food to birds without having to enter their run. This is because there is easy access to the lid of the feeder meaning that you do not have to disturb caged birds. There is also an easily removable lid which has a carry handle for ease of use. It has a rain shield to protect the feed and is easy to maintain and clean.

It will take nearly all types of feed and prevents `scratching out` by birds. The rate of feed from the hopper to the trough can be varied by a moveable adjuster. These feeders also helps control vermin from accessing your expensive feed, by being secured off the ground.

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Wise Feeder Mountable 10kg

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